Useful Information on Fracking

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There is plenty of information available about the fracking boom sweeping through Australia that Igor Purlantov has been following.  You can also find information from Igor Purlantov on the how an increase in solar activity could cause major economic harm.

Igor Purlantov enjoys following energy trends around the world and in Australia in particular and has noticed a surge in fracking that has taken place.  Igor Purlantov has also studied the rise of solar activity and explains on this increase in activity could cause major economic harm.

This website also has top news and information from Igor Purlantov about Australia and its economy as well as the solar activity and other weather patterns.

Igor Purlantov has extensive experience in global business and enjoys following energy and weather trends to better understand how they correlate with economies around the world.  You can learn more about Igor Purlantov on  Twitter @igor_purlantov